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How to Save Money on Medical Supplies

The expenses that people allocate to healthcare in the United States is considerable. Regardless of how much a person is covered for, spending on medical supplies adds up for everyone. Studies have indicated that as recent as 2017, the amount spent on medical supplies and DME has peaked at over $50 billion. As a consequence, many people have sought ways to cut back on medical supply expenses. Also, consider that it is not only patients who are purchasing out of their own pockets, hospital and even government entities have whole purchasing departments dedicated to finding the right products at the most cost-effective prices. What follows below are a few easy and accessible ways to lower costs and save money.

Purchase Supplies on the Internet

Most physical medical supply shops are limited in what they offer. They also have operating costs and inventory to worry about, inflating the cost of the products being sold. While there are plenty of medical supply stores, they do not generally offer everything one needs. For example, someone might need a new mobility device and ostomy supplies. But, what happens if the medical store nearby only has wheelchairs but not ostomy products? This means people need to drive to yet another medical supply shop or pharmacy to buy the missing item(s). Online retail shops have changed this forever. Nowadays, the capabilities of online stores of offering a huge portfolio of products while lowering the costs of items has increased exponentially with each passing year. Shopping online affords the luxury of ordering from anywhere and having the products delivered to your door. Gone is the hassle of having to drive from one place to another. Also, online stores offer deals on wholesale purchases, giving one the opportunity to save even more. Aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of making the purchase yourself from your device or computer? Do not fret, you can speak to customer service agents and place orders over the phone!

Ask for Samples

Many online stores offer samples for various products. One way people lose money is unknowingly buying something that was not going to work for them. For this reason, online stores offer samples for some products. Not sure if a certain ostomy pouch will be comfortable? Request a sample and try it out first, before committing to a purchase. This will save you from the inconvenience of ending up stuck with a product that is no good for you and allows you try various brands before deciding which one is best.

Ask your Physician

Doctors are a great reference because many online shops offer health professionals even better deals on supplies and DME. The obvious reason is that doctors deal with many patients and it suits online companies to have doctors reference patients to their store. By talking to your doctor, you can have your supplies delivered to his or her office at lower prices than usual.

Even though spending a lot on medical supplies and DME has become the norm in the United States, people should realize that there are ways to make it considerably less expensive. Sure, it’ll probably require a little research and a bit of trial and error when choosing the best online shop for you, but the effort and savings are well worth it!

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