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Health Education

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  1. MDO DI Caries Progression Model. Hand-crafted with careful attention to detail
  2. Zirc MEGA Gracey used for education and demonstration, 15.5" in length, Mustard
  3. MDO DI Enlarged Model for Hygiene and Caries Evolution. Hand-crafted
  4. BesQual Study Models - BQ-M3. Transparent Teeth Model - Molar study model
  5. BesQual Implant Model, Oversize Upper. 5.00" x 4.50" x 2.50"
  6. JSP Cross section of the mandible showing decay, nerve and pulp formation
  7. House Brand Giant Tooth Model with Toothbrush. Ideal for hygiene instructions
  8. MDO DI Pathological Gingivitis Model. The MDO Pathological Gingivitis Model
  9. BesQual Study Models - BQ-M4. Transparent Articulated Adult Study Model
  10. JSP Student Model with Removable Teeth, similar to model 860. Articulated hard
  11. Practicon 5-Stage Periodontitis Model. Enlarged 1-1/2x life size. 6W x 2H
  12. Practicon Large sealant demonstrator model, four times larger than life, two
  13. BesQual Implant Model, Oversize Lower. 4.75" x 4.25" x 2.25"
  14. Practicon Implant Analysis Model to explain treatment options. Demonstrate
  15. MDO DI Screw-Retained Full Arch Implant Model. Features six fixed implants
  16. MDO DI Dual Arch Implant Model. Demonstrates both four and six versions
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Items 1-16 of 449

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