Marina - 060-500 - 060-528 - Debakey Tissue Forceps - 2.7mm Jaws: 15cm/6in 20cm/7.75in 30.5cm/12in 35cm/14in 41cm/16in 45.5cm/18i

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060-500 - 060-528
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060-500Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.7mm x 15cm/6inEach
Price $39.46
060-502Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.7mm x 20cm/7.75inEach
Price $52.60
060-504Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.7mm x 30.5cm/12inEach
Price $68.39
060-506Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.7mm x 35cm/14inEach
Price $157.83
060-507Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.7mm x 41cm/16inEach
Price $170.98
060-508Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.7mm x 45.5cm/18inEach
Price $197.28
060-510Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:1.5mm x 16cm/6.25inEach
Price $64.44
060-512Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:1.5mm x 19.5cm/7.75inEach
Price $65.76
060-512NCDebakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws: Non-conductive Coating1.5mm x 19.68/7.75inEach
Price $124.95
060-514Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:1.5mm x 24cm/9.5inEach
Price $88.12
060-516Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:1.5mm x 30cm/11.75inEach
Price $99.96
060-520Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.0mm x 15cm/6inEach
Price $64.44
060-522Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.0mm x 20cm/7.75inEach
Price $64.44
060-524Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.0mm x 24cm/9.5inEach
Price $77.60
060-526Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.0mm x 30cm/11.75inEach
Price $119.69
060-528Debakey Tissue Forceps - Jaws:2.0mm x 45cm/18inEach
Price $197.28
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Debakey Tissue Forceps - 1.5mm Jaws: 19.68/7.75in, Non-conductive Coating
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Code060-500 - 060-528
Require Prescription?No
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