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Cardiac Monitor

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  1. Schiller Americas From: 0A.800000 To: 0A.800015 - Schiller Diagnostic Station Ds20
  2. Bionet America - SPM-300 - Spirometer
  3. Bionet America - ECG-2000 - Cardio care 2000
  4. Bionet America - Cardio7B - Cardio 7
  5. Bionet America - Cardio-7BS - Cardio7-S (Cardio 7 ECG and SPM-300 Spirometer combo unit
  6. Bionet America - Cardio-7BDS - Cardio7-S DiCOM
  7. Bionet America - Cardio-7BD - Cardio 7 DICOM
  8. Bionet America - BM3 - Multi parameter vital sings monitor (ECG, SpO2, EtCO2*, NIBP, Resp, Temp)
  9. Welch Allyn From: CP150AS-1ENB To: CP150S-1ENB - CP 150 Interp With Spirometry Noninterp
  10. Mortara Instrument From: BUR230-A To: BUR230-B - ELI 230 ECG With AM12 USB, 20 Patient Storage (DROP SHIP ONLY) WAM
  11. Medimar From: ECGU012P To: ECGU06P - Electrocardiograph 12-Channel Intelligent Brand: Mediblu Model: ME12P (With Standard Accessories & E
  12. Mortara Instrument From: BUR250C-81D To: BUR280-W1X - Interpretive ECG With AM12 Patient Cable, LAN, USB, DICOM, 40 Record Storage, 802.11 (DROP SHIP ONLY
  13. Contec From: ECG-100G To: ECG80A - Electrocardiograph Electrocardiograph(ECG)
  14. Welch Allyn From: CP150-1ENB To: CP150A-1ENB - Non-Interpretive 12-Lead Multichannel ECG, Color Preview/ Touch Screen Display, AHA Patient Cable
  15. Schiller Americas - 0A.106000 - Cardiovit FT-1 ECG with ETM Interpretation Software, Includes: LCD Multi-Touch, Battery lasts up to 3hr, LAN, WLAN, USB Interfaces, Internal Memory, 12-Lead, Uses Z-fold paper  (Not Available for Sale into Canada)
  16. Schiller Americas From: 9.070000CS To: 9.080000WAR - Schiller At-2 Plus Ecg Systems Cardiovit At-101 System 5 Year Extended Warranty For AT-101 ECG
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