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Microscope Parts

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  1. Unico From: M280-5003 To: M280-8902 - Accessories: Mechanical Stage W/ Abbe NA 1.25 Condenser, Iris Diaphragm (DROP SHIP ONLY) Fuse, 250V
  2. Unico From: M280-1401 To: M280-2104 - Accessories: 10X Widefield Eyepiece, Single (DROP SHIP ONLY) 4X Achromat Objective Din, NA 0.10 0.25
  3. Unico From: M250-7001 To: M250-8902 - Accessories: Halogen Bulb, 6V, 20 Watt, 4mm Pin, For M250 Series (DROP SHIP ONLY) Fuse, 250V, 1.5 Am
  4. Unico From: M250-3001 To: M250-3004 - Accessories: Monocular Tube W/out Eyepiece (DROP SHIP ONLY) Dual Viewing W/ Diopter, Eyepieces Seide
  5. Unico From: M250-1401 To: M250-2104 - Accessories: 10X Widefield Eyepiece, Single (DROP SHIP ONLY) Eyepiece W/ Pointer, 5X 4X Din Achromat
  6. Unico From: M220-7003 To: M220-7007 - Accessories: Fluorescent Bulb, 5 Watt (DROP SHIP ONLY) AC Adapter, For Freedom Jr. Series
  7. Unico From: G500-8051 To: G500-9005 - Accessories: Mercury Bulb, 100W, For Epi-Fluorescent Microscope G506 (DROP SHIP ONLY) UV3 Filter
  8. Unico From: G500-8031-1 To: G500-8033 - Accessories: Phase Annulus Slider, For Use With 10X & 40X Plan Set (DROP SHIP ONLY) 20X 100X Telesco
  9. Unico From: G500-5001 To: G500-8020 - Accessories: Mechanical Stage W/out Abbe Condenser, 150 Mm X 140 Mm, Movement Range 76 50 For G500
  10. Unico From: G380-8906 To: G380-8907 - Accessories: Darkfield Stop, For G380 Series (DROP SHIP ONLY) Carrying Case, Metal, Padded, W/ Lock
  11. Unico From: G380-3001 To: G380-3005 - Accessories: Monocular Head, 45° Incline, For G380 (DROP SHIP ONLY) Dual W/out Eyepiece, Series
  12. Unico From: G380-1402 To: G380-2104 - Accessories: 10X Widefield Eyepiece, High Eyepoint, FN18 (DROP SHIP ONLY) 4X Photo Single, For G380
  13. Tech-Med Services - 9012 - Lens Paper, 50 sheets/bk
  14. McKesson - 70-101PMCK - Microscope Slide
  15. C&A Scientific From: MA02 To: MA50 - Lens Paper
  16. Tech-Med Services From: 9019 To: 9020 - Microscope Slides, Plain, Premium Grade, Double Frosted
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Items 1-16 of 192

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