LW Scientific - UNC-04AD-50T3 - UNC-08AD-15T3 - USA Universal DIGITAL 4-place ANGLED, 50ml, 3400 Rpm, 0-Lock, 90-240v 6-place SWING, 3-15ml, Centrif

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LW Scientific:
UNC-04AD-50T3 - UNC-08AD-15T3
The new USA Universal centrifuge has many great features that will meet demands from any lab, research facilities, POL, large reference labs and more specialized clinics. It features an 8-place fixed angle rotor option or a 6-place horizontal rotor. It can spin up to 3600 rpms producing over 2,000g. The touch pad has simple controls and an integrated alert system for maintenance schedules. It will even provide users the number of cycle counts and hours in use. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Lawrenceville, GA.
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UNC-04AD-50T3USA Universal DIGITAL 4-place ANGLED, 50ml, 3400 rpm, 0-Lock, 90-240vEach
UNC-06SD-15T3USA Universal DIGITAL 6-place SWING, 3-15ml, 3400 rpm, 0-Lock, 90-240vEach
UNC-08AD-15T3USA Universal Centrifuge with 8-Place Fixed RotorEach