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Symmetry Surgical - ESP1HS - Push Button Pencil, Holster & Scratch Pad, Disposable

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Symmetry Surgical:
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Manufacturer Symmetry Surgical
Sold By 40 / Box
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.2 from 1 - 5
50 Review
random customer Review from
March 14, 2022
This pencil changed my life. Well, my writing life anyway. My dad always used mechanical pencils when I was a kid, so I got used to them early. Even in grade school I couldn't understand how my classmates used those cheap plastic ones that came 10 to a pack. I rocked a Zebra back then and for many years after....until the retractable eraser/refills I used were discontinued or something and I just stopped using pencils for the most part. Because I couldn't have a retractable eraser! This is where my review will veer away from many others': I'm a huge fan of retractable erasers. I make a LOT of
DAVID Review from
November 1, 2021
The last mech pencil you'll ever need.
I love this kind of pencil so much, that I bought one for a writer friend of mine. I use it in tandem with a Factis BM2 eraser pencil, so I never use the eraser function on the pencil. The pencil rotates led as you write, so it always produces dark, thin and clean lines. I also like sketching with it since it's so crisp, even though I've some discourage its use for that purpose. Another great thing about the pencil is that it can accept generic lead from different brands (i.e. pentel). The only things I don't like about the pencil is that 1) it's made in China (even though reviews say it's mad
Brandon Review from
February 14, 2022
I really wanted to love this pencil, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Literally, the rotating lead mechanic doesn't work consistently. I wonder if it's an issue of my applying too much pressure when writing. I've always been a bit heavy-handed, which is why I went for the 0.7mm to start. However, I've been actively trying to ease off the pressure to no avail; the lead still appears not to rotate. Even when I lightly draw repeated short lines to activate the "engine" and accelerate the rotating and self-sharpening, it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I broke it/wore it down? When I first go
true Review from
January 24, 2022
Broke after about 6 months use
This was my favorite pencil (until I bought the Rotring 600). Yesterday, while engaged in sketching, the barrel inexplicably broke at the point where it attaches to the end mechanism where the lead extends and retracts. Unacceptable. It would appear that investing in higher quality, metal barrel pencils is worth the expense. My Kuro Toga cost about $9. My METAL Rotring 600 cost about $16, but I only had to buy it ONCE. Shame, because I LOVED the rotating mechanism. This would be great if they kicked up the quality and put it in a metal barrel. I would gladly spend $20 or more for such an item.
Review from
July 20, 2019
After nearly a year of constant use, I feel that I can give a proper review of this pencil. In short, it's not great but does the job. What I don't like about this pencil: 1) Lead advance annoyances: a) To advance the lead, you must press the pencil down from the eraser end. This action is inconsistent and sometimes requires several attempts to get more lead. b) As well, if you use your finger to press down, you risk putting oils from your finger onto the eraser; if you happen to press down onto newspring, you risk getting ink onto the eraser. Both have happened and it's just annoying that I n
Notacus Review from
September 22, 2021
Very Fragile Plastic Mechanism Quickly Breaks
This entire product line has a very fragile plastic mechanism which soon breaks, after a few months of light use. The minor improvement in drawing quality is far outweighed by its very short lifespan. This applies to 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm advancement mechanisms. The retractable mechanisms only last for a matter of weeks. Using diamond hardened graphite "leads" with a fragile plastic advancement mechanism is an absolute joke!
Amarantha Review from
November 1, 2021
Favorite All-Time Mechanical Pencil!
This is my ultimate favorite mechanical pencil! The weight, balance, and mechanism for turning the lead work well and feel good in the hand. The lead is strong and rarely breaks, which is big for me as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and tend to grip and press down hard on the paper when I write. These pencils are my go-to when I need to use a pencil at home, at work, and on the go - never leave home without one in my purse! Great value for a great pencil!
rualko Review from
January 14, 2021
Intriguing idea but ends up being not that useful
I only bought this item because of the interesting clutch design. I appreciate the idea but it ends up being not that useful for me. 0.5 lead is plenty thin for my writing even at its thickest. But the complex clutch mechanism comes with a caveat. If you apply to much pressure when typing, this pencil will feel squishy. Some people don't care but if you are not one of them, then this will be a problem for you. That being said if this specific engine is a must for you, then this version is the least squishy one.
BARBARA Review from
February 6, 2021
So far, so good.
As a visual artist and a writer, I need an excellent set of pencils of all kinds. I can verify that the Uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil with a 0.5 mm lead has been working very well so far. It advances the lead evenly, writes smoothly, and seems to be a decent replacement for my beloved Koh-i-noor professional pencil. But though the "Diamond-Infused Lead" writes nicely, it will still break off if the pencil is dropped onto the floor! Nothing's perfect, but this is a pretty good mechanical pencil. Uni-ball always has fine products, and I have been buying this brand for years with dedicatio
Btshails Review from
October 12, 2020
A great pencil, which is easy to tell if youve seen all the rave reviews about this pencil. An awesome value for money in this bundle too. I didn't find i had an issue with the feeling of the rotation like some people have but I will say I still prefer my zebra delguard to this. I write extremely heavy handed so lead breakage is always going to be an issue for me. While both is pencil and the delguard can handle my heavy writting I just find I grab for the delguard first. Essentially I would recommend trying both if you have the time and money, just to see what your person preference is, but y
WILLIAM Review from
September 7, 2021
A very good pencil.
I really do like this pencil. It keeps the lead sharp and crisp without making it a razor that slices through the paper. As my Bible reads there is "one thing that thou lackest," the eraser needs to be bigger and a more substantial part of the pencil. The pencil mechanism deserves 5 stars but the eraser is a little puny thing that is capped and is annoying to use.
SUZAN Review from
October 19, 2020
Great Mechanical Pencil - Love the Green Cap
I needed a new mechanical pencil for work (I draw a lot of floorplans) and had been using a 0.5mm pencil, which always felt a little too thin for my work. When I saw this one, a 0.7mm with the lime green cap, I knew I'd found the perfect one. I love that it has an eraser, although I typically use a separate stick eraser, it's still great to have one "onboard" for quick touch-ups. Lead clicks forward smoothly and so far, nothing has jammed. It's great!
Nick Review from
February 5, 2021
I've had this pencil for about two months and have to say that I don't really notice a difference between it and any other mechanical pencil I've used? Maybe you'll be different - personally, however, it was a little disappointing. I also strongly dislike how difficult it is to reload the led. The amount of pressure required to push it out is very uncomfortable. The eraser, as well, is very small and good for detail work'll need to buy refills. It's VERY small and wears out quick.
ASHLEY Review from
March 29, 2021
Great mechanical pencil!
Im really satisfied with this pencil! Im not a fan of the side buttons on certain models of mechanical pencils, so the top button is a plus for me! Well made and it came with extra erasers and graphite. The graphite also doesnt snap on me as often as with other brands. There are grooves at the bottom of the pencil for grip too. Overall really satisfied!
Review from
August 17, 2018
In short, this set is perfect depending on what its intended for. The leads that come with this pencil are HB, equal to a #2 pencil. If youre writing on normal paper, I expect this set would be outstanding as-is. However, I specifically purchased this pencil to use for filling out crossword/word/variety puzzles that are published on newsprint. I need a lead that is dark and easy to erase, so I swapped the leads to Pilot Niox 2B leads and now this pencil is absolutely incredible! The unique lead-turning action of this pencil really is fantastic. It writes like a dream and the included erasers a
LordTyger Review from
September 11, 2021
Incorrect listing for a mediocre pencil.
As stated in another review, the item received was 0.7mm. It was expected, and I decided to keep it anyway. As for the pencil, the sharpening gimmick makes for a squishy feel while writing. The eraser is small, loose, and useless. Not impressed.
Justin Review from
December 5, 2021
Wrong size lead
Similar to the other reviewers, I too desired a 0.5mm lead, but received a pencil for 0.7mm. The picture does show a 0.7mm lead, but I figured that they had just attached the wrong photo to the listing, as the listing said it was a 0.5mm lead pencil. Do not order this pencil, unless you are seeking 0.7mm lead.
Dani Moundshroud Review from
January 15, 2016
I think I'd actually give this a 4.5. Not for any real reason though. I don't know why I don't absolutely adore this pencil the way others do. Don't get me wrong, I really, really like it. It's just not my go-to the way I expected it to be. I haven't tried the leads which came with this as I purchased the pencil specifically for using with my sketchbook. Instead, I have some Pilot non-photo blue lead in it. I like the 0.7 mm size for loose work. It's great for taking notes in the margins too. The eraser is a bit small for artwork, but works very well and is perfect for correcting notes in clas
EUNJUNG Review from
February 5, 2021
A brilliant mechanical design for consistent thick
I learned about this product watching Prime Japan show. I was glad to find the product at Staples. It writes well as it is designed for. I wish it came with a cap. Since it has a unique mechanical design, the metal piping doesnt slide back. Im a bit concerned about it being damaged when I carry it in a bag.
Cathy Review from
Office Depot
December 11, 2018
Good writing pencil
The kuru toga mechanical pencil uses a unique mechanism to rotate lead every time the pencil is lifted off the paper, keeping the lead evenly pointed. In my experience, the mechanism works pretty well; it is definitely best for small print writing and equations, less so for cursive. The rotating mechanism does create a slight loose, clicky sensation in the tip that not all people will like. The lead in this pack is good lead, although oddly, it is not the lead specifically designed for the kuru toga. The kuru toga lead can be purchased online and put into this pencil, although the NaNoDia lead
random customer Review from
November 19, 2019
This pencil has changed my life. I don't mind (or even notice now) the springiness because I absolutely LOVE having a consistent line. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing which of my writing is pencil because the varied thicknesses always told me what was pencil. It's amazing!! I do wish there were more options in the 0.7mm size. I stick with this cheaper starter model because I want black everything. But I will gladly live with this because this is the finest pencil I have ever used.
halfkorean Review from
Office Depot
June 10, 2018
Pencil Perfection
I have many Kuru Toga mechanical pencils. When I saw this was available at Office Depot, I had to buy it. The little flashes of lime green really give this pencil some flair. The images are correct to show the pencil you will receive. The name is a bit misleading as I think it should be called "Black/Green" to correctly identify the accent color. Coming with extra lead and erasers is really what makes this set a great value. The pencil is comfortable and the lead mechanism always works without fail. I have four of this pencil, and each one performs like an all-star.
r.schkoda Review from
February 5, 2021
The lead rotating mechanism actually works really well, just as described! And for about six bucks it's an excellent value. The pencil does, however, feel a little cheap because it is. I wish they made a more premium version with better build quality and nicer materials. I would definitely buy that.
Fire Ray Watts Review from
March 30, 2021
Excellent Pencil
I absolutely love this pencil. It writes smoothly and automatically puts out more lead. It is self sharpening. The only thing I wash for this pencil is a metal pencil and not plastic. Still - this is a top notch writing utensil.
KEITH Review from
June 28, 2019
Outstanding mechanical pencil
Good ergonomics, very consistent lead feeding. I don't really notice the difference in writing with 0.5 lead using twist action, but the click feeding is much more precise than other mechanical pencils. The lead doesn't fall out if the click is held down, and it doesn't get stuck either when retracting the lead. It has actually not jammed once, which is a pretty remarkable feat for a mechanical pencil. The pencil feels very sturdy and works reliably, just like it is supposed to.
Caffeinated Grad Student Review from
December 30, 2013
This is my favorite pencil.
Let me start by saying that I do a LOT of writing. Taking notes, doing problems, etc. I am vary particular about my writing instruments as I am picky about how my notes look and I want something comfortable to use for long periods of time. Pros: I was attracted to the Kuru Toga by the "exclusive rotating lead mechanism" because I typically write hard and often have problems with lead breakage. I have been very pleased with this pencil as I experience very rare lead breakage and the point stays sharp so my writing is fine. The pencil is well-constructed and durable, and comfortable after extend
devnerezza Review from
March 28, 2017
Writing with this pen is a lot more seamless than I thought it would be. You don't notice the lead rotating as you write with it, so I suppose I was a bit underwhelmed in that regard. This will definitely help if you tend to rotate your pencil manually to maintain that sharp edge, though. The pencil itself is just the right weight, for some reason, I thought it would be heavier than what it is, but that doesn't mean it feels cheap, light, or delicate, either. The eraser is what brought this down from 5 to 4 stars. It is extremely tiny and not very effective, but then again, if you're buying a
CAROL Review from
March 22, 2022
Bye, bye snapping leads ...
Usually, I don't like to review items that I buy, but I am making an exception in this case. I have over the years looked high and low for a mechanical pencil that doesn't break under my heavy hand. I have finally found a pencil that holds up.
4lkruzeth Review from
April 7, 2016
Anyone who wants to buy a 0.7mm Kuru Toga should just buy this one, seriously. It's cheaper than other 0.7mm Kuru Toga Standard variants, comes with 2 extra erasers and one pack of Nano-Dia HB pencil leads, for almost half the price. One only gets the other variants for collection or aesthetic purposes. There's really nothing much I can say about this pencil. This pencil writes as well as the Standard Kuru Toga line, comes with leads and erasers (yes, I brought it up a second time) and is the cheapest Kuru Toga you can find in Jetpens. For those 0.7mm lead size lovers who want an affordable bu
Richard Review from
September 4, 2019
Best Mechanical Pencil
Recommend it! Does as advertised. Rotates the pencil lead and avoids "chisel tip" (or flat tip) of the lead, thus preventing paper tears. This is my second 0.7mm. I chose 0.7mm since I've had tearing issues with standard 0.5mm. I've not tried the Kuru Toga 0.5mm. The eraser is "eensy beensie," and I did not find replacements, so I use a separate eraser (as always). (If there were a 0.9mm, I'd try it.)
PAUL Review from
August 6, 2020
Pricey, but good mechanical pencil...
Good mechanical pencil, so far. 0.7 mm leads should be far more break-resistant than 0.5 mm. Packaging could use some instructions on how to load and operate. I can recommend it for now, but durability will be tested the first time I drop it.
Kiri Review from
January 16, 2019
Owned this pencil for two years, and it's a great starter set. My only complaint is that it won't rotate properly on the last ~1/3 of a piece of lead, and I end up wasting the last 1.5-2cm. Has anyone else experienced this? Also note, this pencil uses very small erasers (4.5-4.6mm), which are expensive and get worn out quickly. It's nice that the set provides extras! Hopefully, these flaws are unique to the starter set as I plan on buying another, more advanced Kuro Toga pencil.
" Review from
February 12, 2020
Great 0.05 lead pencil!
I love this pencil. It writes smoothly, feels great in my hand, and looks nice. However, the erasers are the teeny kind. I like skinny lead, not skinny erasers, and I hate having to uncap the thing. That little plastic piece of trash is going to get lost. (And end up contaminating the ocean even more.) Also, speaking of plastic... I'd be so willing to pay a lot more for a metal pencil.
2 Aussies Review from
January 3, 2014
I love this mechanical pencil. It's great! I use it for taking notes, especially for doing math. It makes written work much neater, easier to read and to understand because the point is always sharp. These mechanical pencils also make wonderful gifts for colleges and students. As incentives for students' academic performance, birthdays and behavior, etc. this makes a dynamic reward/gift. Using the mechanical pencil for writing/taking notes and math has produced neater and more legible work that I can actually read and understand what was written down. My students love the mechanical pencil as
JONATHAN Review from
October 7, 2019
Best Mech Pencil Ever...
I break lead on all mech pencils. Even 0.9mm. This one, the lead twists while you write so you are less likely to break. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I honestly haven't broke once. Although they do say the lead that comes with this is supposed to be stronger than run-of-the-mill lead, I think it is more the ability for it to twist that has helped me stop breaking lead all the time. I love it, but we'll see once the premium lead runs out! A+++
SoullooN Review from
Office Depot
April 10, 2018
The Kuru Toga pencil is awesome.
Hello mechanical pencil lovers. If you have not had the joy to use this amazing product from uni-ball . . . then get ready to be amazed. Yes, it can actually be that good. This is one fine writing instrument that you will be thankful you added to your collection. I encourage you to lay down the money and pick this pencil up. You will be glad you made the investment in your writing future.
SJ Review from
October 10, 2013
Almost my perfect pencil
Let me start off by saying that I am extremely picky about my writing instruments. Uni ball makes one of my favorite pens so when I saw the pencil I just had to try it, although I was a little leery after my extreme disappointment with the liquid pencil made my Sharpie. I thought that the ads were too good to be true when it talks about the rotatng lead and not getting a chisel point. to my surprise it actually does work that way. I'm used to having to rotate my pencil when I write to keep the lead consistent ( I'm an engineer) but I don't have to do that now. I have had my pencil for a couple
Dawn Review from
March 11, 2021
The lead is not ideal for writing
I am a bit of a pen and pencil snob. I love a smooth writing instrument. This is not that. If you dont care about the flow at which the pencil has on the paper then buy this pencil. It writes, just not smoothly.
PencilGuyFan Review from
February 5, 2015
Amazing mechanical pen that is automatic
This mechanical pencil from Uni-ball is the best I've ever used. The thing that makes this pencil amazing is the mechanism contained beneath the grip section that rotates the lead while writing. This keeps the lead advancing every time you press down so you don't have to stop and press the button on the back. This also keeps the head of the lead from becoming too flat making a wider line laid down on the paper and increasing the risk of lead breakage. For the price, this pencil is fantastic and I anticipate I'll continue to use mine for years to come. This will not be the only uni-ball Kurutog
BC Review from
February 21, 2020
Pretty good!
I bought this because it stated it was always sharp. Thats true about 95% of the time actually. It can get soft, but rotate it a bit and its back to a nice point. I do like the line quality of .5 lead, and this seems very clean and crisp, plus Ive had minimal breakage of the lead! Other than that, its comfortable to hold and extra lead and erasers are a nice plus.
JuicyJed Review from
September 1, 2019
The Last Mechanical Pencil You Will Need to Buy
I am a fan of writing utensils, so I was on the lookout for a daily mechanical pencil. This pencil is great because it fits well in the had, and it has a durable, weighty feel to it. Also, the lead hardly breaks while writing, and I do not have to turn the pencil in my hand to write with the sharp edge of the lead since it turns for you. The only downside is that the eraser is quite small.
YHR Review from
March 28, 2013
Well balanced, light
The barrel is just the right size for my petite hands. It's just slightly wider than a regular pencil. It's also just slightly heavier than a pencil. However, the lead retracts when you press down. There is a spring behind the mechanism that keeps the lead in place. When you press down to write, that mechanism retracts and rotates the lead 9 degrees. As you write, the automatic rotation allows you to wear out the lead evenly all the way around, instead of creating a chisel point which creates an unbalanced lead that eventually breaks. I don't press down hard, but I do find that I don't have to
RICK Review from
January 16, 2020
Best pencil ever
I love this pencil, the rotation of the lead to keep it from breaking, and working a thin point allows you to use all of the lead. Since I tend to use the thinner leads, .5 and smaller if I can find them, I tend to go through a lot of lead while not writing actually using it to write. The feel is solid, and comfortable in the hand. Now just make one that handles the .38 lead and I'll never use another pencil for anything.
RFWolf Review from
December 19, 2014
Best pencil I have ever used
This pencil has a great weight and feel in your hand. Doesn't cause wrist fatigue. Lead feed is perfect. Great for doing precise work or homework. One drawback is the eraser cap- I dropped it and lost it the first time I used the pencil at the library. It literally disappeared. The lead itself doesn't smudge all over the paper if you're left handed. Get two or three- this pencil is going to become your favorite. It also comes is 0.7mm lead size, which is great for less precise work or younger kids.
nateb1970 Review from
March 29, 2013
Well worth the extra $
Awesome pencil. Little reluctant at first to spend more than a buck or two on a pencil. However, after buying a cheaper 0.5 mm pencil set and being thoroughly disappointed I quickly decided to look into spending a bit more. I'm glad I did. This pencil rocks! Stays sharp, comfortable even for extended writing, strong lead that resists breakage (seriously), and lightweight. I liked this pencil enough that I went back (with a 50% off coupon) and purchased another one. One drawback: I have yet to see replacement lead/erasers for sale in stores. Of course, one of the beautiful qualities of this pen
Review from
February 26, 2018
Best Mechanical Pencil I have found
I am a very picky writer - I like to use both pens and pencils with 0.5 or finer points. Quite simply, this is the best mechanical pencil I have ever owned. In part I think due to the rotating lead - keeps an even point and the lead - HB is more durable than others (does not break so easily). Comfortable in the hand - all around excellent. I would buy several more - to give to friends - because now I have one I want others to have the pleasure.
ELENI Review from
September 5, 2019
perfect pencil for my purse's small case
I carry a small round Japanese pencil-case in my purse (it stands on one end!) and need to make sure that the contents fit easily. This pencil did the trick. It is narrow enough to fit but not so much that it hurts my hand when I write. The eraser also does not leave streaks so that is another mark in its favor. I consider this a good purchase.
Britt Review from
February 1, 2014
Great product
This mechanical pencil works great. It is the best mechanical pencil I have ever used. I especially like the dark, fine point, crisp lines it makes. I have never had any problems with the lead breaking and the lines are consistently the same size and crispness even right before you need to advance more lead. The only thing that would make this pencil better is if it had a longer eraser that twists up. As it is now you can only use half the eraser then have to put a new one in. This wouldn't matter much if you don't erase very much. Overall great product.
KellyCo Review from
August 30, 2018
Wonderful Mechanical Pencil!
A wonderful mechanical pencil. I've researched Kuru Toga pencils before, but this starter set is the best deal hands down. The graphite still hasn't broken yet and I use it almost every day. If you have cursive handwriting, however, the engine doesn't spin will and you might get an edge still. Otherwise, it's literally the perfect pencil.
TLB Review from
February 28, 2015
Durable Lead
I am a writing utensil fanatic. Also, trying to find the best pencil or pen. This pencil has been an unexpected surprise, in that the lead doesn't break all the time like it says. It keeps a pretty nice tip for writing when you are like me and write big so need fine writing instruments. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive but nice mechanical pencil. I also like that it is accented in blue. Since my first purchase I have purchased four more to have one everywhere I am.
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